Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Food {Crunchy Frogs}

While I find this treat a bit unusual,
it is interesting enough to make me want to post about and them!! :)

I just want to put one of these into my mouth and see
1. What it tastes like and
2. What it the crunchiness feels like and
. If it will really seem like eating a frog
(but I might not know the difference, since I have never eaten a real frog) :)

The ingredients.....
gummy frogs
pop rocks
chocolate chips

Anyway...this is certainly something to give a try...I think anyway.
Let me know if any of you do try them.
Recipe and more pictures are on


Unknown said...

my kids would love this-may have to try next week when they are off for fall break!

Tauni said...

Wow. These are great! We always do a spooky Halloween dinner and movie night and I've been thinking about Harry Potter...