Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pink Noah's Ark Baby Shower

A few pictures of the Baby Shower I am working on.
It's for a girl and the theme is Noah's Ark. They want PINK, PINK, PINK. I wondered how I was going to work with so much pink in Noah's Ark. I think of Browns and blues when I think of Noah's Ark. The party ware that was purchased did have some pink in it....so I was able to work with it and I actually think it's looking very nice with all the pink.
Vases (same ones used at Graduation) this time filled with Animal Crackers

A table setting...Tablecloths will be white

Little favor bags filled with Animal Crackers

Monday, December 8, 2008

Popping on my own

Well I did it. We had popcorn that had to be made and Glen was not home, so that left it up to me. I did fine, that was AFTER I spilled the first unpopped kettle of corn and oil all over the kitchen floor. I was trying to get things stirred up a bit and the cover came off and there went the kettle!! I think I handled it well...just cleaned it up and began. I took my time and was careful from then on. I got 20 small bags done. And they turned out good. Now I know I can do it, just as long as I can keep the kettle on the burner and not the floor. :)