Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thoughts going on in my head.

Ok so it's just about 4 am and I'm wide awake. And I've been wide awake for awhile. It's frustrating but good too. I have a ton of party ideas going through my head right now. I'm thinking of different party packages that I am going to put together to sell on etsy.com I have decided that I each party I sell will be different, unique, personal. I don't want to just have a generic....strawberry shortcake,disney, or winnie the pooh party or shower. I want it to be special to whoever buys the party package. I've thought of tableware ideas, favor ideas, decorating ideas for a few parties I plan to put together. Over the past few days I've been purchasing some supplies so I can put these packages together. That scares me! It feels like I'm spending alot of money and I wonder if I will get it all back in sales. I guess it's a step of faith. I do feel God has given me the talent of creating and I know that if He gives it, He will provide for it. It will work out. But it does require work and commitment from me, which is fine, because I love doing this kind of thing.
Anyway, that's my thoughts at this time of the night. :)

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