Saturday, November 15, 2008

Popcorn anyone??

We have 20 more bags popped and ready to sell. Glen tired out at the end so I did some popping. I can't do it! It just wasn't quite the same. Gonna have to get him a large popper.

Still don't have my first party for sale on Etsy. I am hoping that tomorrow I will get the pictures of it done and then I can post it. Have to start working on the next party too.

I have figured out the coolest thing!!! I don't especially enjoy stamping. I think it's because it seem so limiting to me. It's one size and it says what it says. Well, I stamped on a piece of paper and then thought, hmmm, how could I get this on my computer so I can change it up a bit. Scan it, Lisa, scan it! It worked and it's really cool. I like it. :) Lots of experimenting to do now.

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