Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday's DIY/Tutorials {Chandelier}

Once again I have come across a chandelier {a favorite party item of mine}.
Although I do not get into Halloween I thought this chandelier needed to be shared.
It could easily be changed to fit any party decor.
Bats are not needed to make this chandelier a spectacular piece. :)

Black Cardstock
Bat punch or die-cut
Black Beads
Fishing Line
3 embroidery hoops (we used 14", 10" and 6")
Black Paint
Glue Dots

Cut or punch 40 bats from black cardstock.
Run a 15" piece of fishing line through a black bead and tie in a knot in center of line.
Fold line in half and secure two bats together with line between using a glue dot.
Fold bat wings outward to create dimension.
Tie fishing line with bats to each embroidery hoop.
Tie hoops together with 4 pieces of tulle.
Tie tulle at top for hanging

The tutorial in making this was found on Heartlandpaper.


Shelley@divinepartyconcepts said...

What a great idea!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

How Cool! This would be fantastic in pink for a princess party!

Simply Creative Insanity said...

I just bought some cardstock to try this out! I found it in the Pottery Barn Kids magazine...almost $60! I thought I would try to make it cheaper!
So cute!

Onna said...

This so so so so adorable! I wish I was having a halloween party, I would totally make this!

kara said...

oh my goodness! thank you! i saw a bat chandelier at pottery barn kids that i wanted to copy...and was trying to come up with some diy ideas. this is perfect!

kara said...

p.s. i bought some plastic bats on orientaltrading.com last month to use for my chandelier...they were CHEAP {they are colored however..i'm just going to spray paint 'em}!