Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday's Parties {Pink-Pink}

I found this party at Daisy Pink Cupcake and I just love it!
First of all pink is such a fun color to work with.
I really like the sweets buffet and LOVE LOVE this chandelier! Sweet! :)
This party could be adapted to use for a
Baby Girl Shower,
a Bridal Shower
or Breast Cancer Awareness Party.


colleen banman said...

pink parties never get old :)

this is a great one! i wish i could tell what some of those treat are!?!?!

Amber said...

Ooohhh, pretty. My daughters would have loved this when they were little. I read a week or two at a time and my favorites right now are the clear stuff....the lollipops and the soda bottle bottoms. Very very cool. said...

those are cute