Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jae's 15th Birthday Party ~ India Theme

Back in May my daughter and I created an Indian themed party for my niece.
It was her "golden" 15th birthday so we wanted to use as much gold color as we could.
We chose the theme of India because of it's rich colors and wanted my niece and her friends to experience a different kind of food.
We transformed my daughters apartment into a lovely Indian style place.
Lots of rich color, vases, fabrics and decor.
The food was so yummy.
well....some of it wasn't well liked but all the girls at least gave it a try.
Their favorite was the Chocolate dipped tangerines and next the Naan.

The menu card on each plate ~
Here's the menu~
Roasted Indian Chickpeas
oven roasted chickpeas with Indian spices
Bombay Cheese
cream cheese covered with mango chutney and cranberries Chocolate Dipped Tangerines
fresh tangerines dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with coconut and pistachios Entrees
Dal Makhani
lentils cooked with tomatoes and cream
Simple Spiced Rice
basmati rice flavored with cinnamon
Jeera Aloo
potatoes sauteed in cumin seeds and spices
Asparagus With Ginger
fresh asparagus seasoned with ginger
Vegetable Raita
fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers with a dill infused yogurt. Naan
Indian flat bread
Thengai Barfi
cardamom flavored sweet coconut squares
Birthday Cake
a sweet chocolate cake with buttercream icing decorated with a henna design
{this cake was alot of work, but I think my daughter did an awesome job with it. It was our first time working with fondant and we have decided we are not fond of fondant. :) The general design for the cake was found online, but drawn out by my daughter.}The Birthday GirlDrink
Mango Lassi

a creamy mango and yogurt drink

And the decor ~The glasses were so perfect!
We found them at Target and they were quite expensive at $5. a glass but that is the only dinnerware we purchased as we used Amy's good china and silverware.
Also used cloth napkins that I had from a different party.
So 7 glasses at $5. each wasn't so bad, right. :)

this is one of my favorite pictures of the decor

yes, they sat on the floor
And of course "henna tattoos"

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Jen said...

The party looks amazing! I really love the cake, and I like the draping you have around the room. Nice job!! Oh, the dipped mandarin oranges are so intriguing - I'll have to try some, do you have any hints??