Thursday, August 25, 2011

changing to.....

So I showed you dill in the previous post.
Today it's poppies.
I said we have a new business, and all that.
So without further ado....
da da da..........

Dill & Poppy
{celebrate life}

If you've been a follower here on Personally You Parties....
If you are interested in staying in tune with this new adventure you are welcome to follow me over at
I would LOVE to have you visit. :)
We are still designing the blog so it's possible there could be a change quite often till we get it just how we want it.
It will take a bit of time to get dill and poppy blog going like this one, but in time I hope it will be better than what I've been able to do here.
So, no more posting to poppyland. :)