Friday, January 9, 2009

New purchases

I did some after Christmas shopping and I do wish I would have bought more. The prices were amazing. I always 2nd guess my purchases and then later wish I would have bought more. One thing that I DID NOT buy and SHOULD have was sets of White with silver or gold trim Dinnerware . Each box had a 4 place setting and was marked down to $7.50. I thought I'd wait and see if I could get them just a bit cheaper. Well they went cheaper, the next day...down to 75% off which would have made them like $4 a box. They were gone when I got there. :( Shopping stresses me out!
I found this glass container at TJ Maxx for $8. It is filled with glittered balls, but I plan to use it for a Candy Buffet. Once I feel I have enough containers I will be putting them up for rental. Need to get a few more yet.
Lights...oh my goodness, I could have bought a ton of them. Of these I bought 3 packs at $1.99 each.

And these swag ones were just $1.99 each too. Got 3 sets.
And Dazzle Drape. I love this stuff. I used gold as garland on my tree this year and red as a tablerunner for Christmas eve. It is so pretty and easy to use. I think these were 1/2 off at $3.50. Only bought 3 and they are all different colors. Would really have liked to get more of each color but they were all gone.

And these!!!! Chargers. I love them. I got them at Walmart. They were 1/2 off at $3.00 for a pack of 4. Got 4 packs....16 silver chargers. Here I go again....I SHOULD have bought the gold ones too! :) These will be so nice to use. Glad to have them.

I found these crown napkin rings at Target. I took all the had. 10 of them. They were 75% off. $1.24 for a 2 pack. They will be very nice for a Princess Party. :)

Amy also found me a beautiful Punch Bowl. It was originally 39.99 and I got it for $9.99. Even though she thinks my party thing is crazy...she was shopping for the deals for me too. :)

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