Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have a follower!!

I am so excited!!! I have my first follower on this blog!!! OK, I'll calm down. Thank you....Natalie from Little Shindigs and Mommy Likes to Party for being my first follower. I should give you a prize or something. :) I'm not sure why this is so exciting to just is. It could be a little intimidating...I've got something to live up to now. I will do my best, that's for sure. :)


Joanne Kennedy said...


Love your new blog. I love to plan parties too so I've added you to my blogroll also!


Jen said...

Lisa, I love you and your parties, and all your goodies, sooo cute!! I wanna be your follower too!

PS Yes, this is Jen from WM!

michelle said...

Now you have another follower, yea! Cute blog. Thanks for visiting me :)

Our Green Nest said...

What a wonderful blog! TU so much for your sweet words on my babe's was so fun to put together! Talk soon!

Natalie said...

Your are too funny. Thanks for following back:)