Saturday, February 28, 2009

My sister is Crazy! :)

Ok, so yes, Glen and I make Kettle Corn and my sister knows it. That's really good and bad all at the same time. :) She placed an order for 50-75 bags of Kettle Corn and needs it by next weekend which means I have only a few days left to get it popped, bagged and shipped. I'm really happy that she wants to sell our Corn, but I'm not so happy that THIS

is the popper I have to use. It only makes ONE bag at a time. So that's at least 50 times of pouring in all the ingredients, stirring, dumping, salting, and bagging....50 times!!! And after about 10 batches you have to stop and wash up the kettle cuz it gets very glazed with the sugar and then starts to kinda burn the popcorn and that's no good. What I NEED is THIS:

Oh that would be a dream!! Automatic stirring....large batches made at one time! Oh my, oh my! Will it ever happen?
I think it better...before my sister gets ANOTHER idea that she needs 75-100 bags of popcorn.
I know her pretty well...she's like that. :)
So far I have 9 1/2 bags done. I suppose it would be 10 bags, but I need to sample each batch to make sure it's good, enough sugar, enough salt, etc. :) That's certainly not helping me get 50 bags full now is it....or my weigh for that matter! Oh and I forgot one very important thing about this order....Glen is NOT home, so guess who is doing this all by herself????
Ok, I'm done complaining. I will admitt that I am very happy to have a large order like's kinda fun, lots of work...and some pay! So to all the lucky people who get to buy this wonderful Kettle Corn....
! :)

EDITED TO ADD: It's Sunday night and POPCORN IS DONE!!! 50 bags full. :) YAY


Anonymous said...

Yay. Good for you, Miss Lisa. Your kettle corn is so yummy that I think a bigger popper is definitely in the future for you!!


lisalyn said...

Thanks Jen! :) I'm HOPING to bring some to our planning weekend.
A bigger popper BETTER be in the future for me. :)

Not just a Mommy! said...

Glad you have it all finished!

missy said...

stopping by from SITS!!!!!
i love kettle corn....i always see those people and festivals with that great big pot with what looks like a boat ore to stir it!!!!
that sounds like quite a job but glad you got it all done.....and hopefully some money in your pocket!!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is what I refer to as "Movie Theater Popcorn" but I guess the technical term is kettle-popped. Whatever you call it, I LOVE it. But, I tend to only eat it when I go to the movies, probably becaus of the hassle involved (and tools required) in making it myself.

Molly said...

Kettle Corn! Oh I love you, Kettle Corn. Okay why am I reading all this yummy food posts at eleven o'clock at night when I shouldn't be eating?