Thursday, April 16, 2009


Do you want to show your children's teacher that you appreciate her/him?

I've found some fabulous ideas that will certainly let them know how much they mean to you.

First of all..........these Gumball Jars are just amazing!! I found them at Everything Is Pink blog. I'm sorry this link doesn't take you to the direct post...but you can look through her blog...lots of cool things!

Candy Grams & Other Sayings

“You rock!” (great for a music teacher) - Who doesn’t love pop rocks candy!

“You are ’sum-body’ special!” - An inexpensive calculator from the $$ store would be a useful gift!

Cupcake "When it comes to being a teacher, you're the icing on the cake!"

-3 or 4 inch flower pot-fill with a small baggie of potting soil and a packet of seeds-"Thanks for helping us grow."

You are O'FISH'ally Awesome!(Gold Fish ® crackers)

Attach the following poem to a 100 Grand candy bar:
"To our million dollar teachers,
we appreciate you a lot. You're worth a million dollars, But our budget's almost shot. We scraped together 100 Grand Please accept it as your pay. Keep teaching with the love of Christ And have a Happy Day!"

Or this LATTE' from Skip to my lou.

Some door decor from Skip to my lou.

There are many more ideas that can be done. It's always nice to be appreciated so go ahead and thank your children's teacher. They have most likely put in alot of time and effort to teach your child throughout the year.

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