Sunday, April 19, 2009

Destiny's Graduation

Since Graduation is just around the corner I thought now would be a good time to post about the Graduation Open House I did last May. It was for my niece and her school colors where black and green which she did NOT want to use for her Open House. She decided on hot pink and orange and of course the usual black. I chose to use stars as decor also.
The building we used was just an ordinary city hall type building. Destiny ~ my niece, was not impressed at all with the looks of the place and was VERY concerned that it was not going to look nice. When I carried my boxes of decor into the building, she got even more nervous...because it didn't look like I even had much to decorate with!
I told her just to sit tight, hang in will be nice.
We (myself, daughter and Destiny) arranged the tables in a very fun design with the punch bowl being featured in the center of the room. We hung black stars from the ceiling just over the punch bowl. The tables were covered in black plastic covering and I had stamped graduation wording and Destiny's name on 10" crepe paper strips and used them as runners. Photo confetti was then sprinkled on the tables.
The main centerpiece was a clear vase filled with black marbles and hot pink and orange daisies along with some black star picks. I filled small square votive cups with pink and orange starburst candy and added a graduation stamped saying onto cardstock that was then taped to cup. For the food table I first covered it with an iridescent table cover from Party America, then placed some hot pink wrapped boxes around for height and covered all that with pink tulle. Some of the food was served in large clear bowls from the Party store and on black charges from Hobby Lobby. We blew up lots of pink and orange balloons and I wasn't totally sure what I was going to do with them once I had the few bouqets done that I had planned on so we just attached the ribbon and let the balloons float up to the ceiling. I did really like that look after all. :)
I had 3 large black display boards filled with pictures and all of Destiny's scrapbooks layed out to view.
Because the walls of the building were fairly boring we decided to hang strips of black butcher paper vertically on different sections of the walls. On one section my daughter wrote a quote in chalk on the black paper. Another section was the guest book. We provided white markers for everyone to sign with. After the celebration my daughter took pictures of each written message and it will be put into Destiny's scrapbook.
This is the Graduate (in black) with my daughter.After doing this celebration it made me realize even more how much I LOVE planning events and parties. It was so fun for me!


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