Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roaring 20's Party

I just realized that I have not posted the pictures from the Roaring 20's party I helped with.
I know I gave a sneak peak...but here's much more.
First of all, we had this the very end of November when it was FREEZING cold outside!
Bad idea!
We did run a couple of heaters which helped.
Oh...we held this party in an unheated shed that is suppose to be used for machinery, not people. :)

A few photos...........

We covered all of the walls with black plastic and a scene setter I bought from Party City. Covering the walls was alot of work, but it gave the room a warm feeling to it.
Certainly what we needed in a cold shed.
There was a photo shoot area which was fun.
The lighting was so bad that I know my daughter had alot of trouble getting a good picture...but as usuale, we made her take them anyway.
We said they'd be just fine.
She IS smarter than us though.
We hung lights and the ever so cool chandeliers I bought at Party City after Halloween and got them for like 75%off!
When I saw them in the store there was NO hesitation as to "if" I should buy them...I took all 3 left.

Here is my sister in law and brother.
She was the one who wanted the party, invited all her friends, and did most of the work getting things ready.
We served appetizers which went over very well.
You can see one of the chandeliers sitting on this table.
The centerpieces were glass vases that I covered with a silver mess and filled with clear marbles. And of course stuck the feathers in.
They sat on old records in the center of the tables.
We had lots of candles everywhere.
We did a murder mystery which was alot of fun. Here is the scene from that.

Although we were dissapointed that many could not join us that night, we are glad the party happened and plan to have another one this next fall....(right, Billie Jo???).


Brenda said...

What a great party! The chandeliers are fabulous and I love that everyone dressed up. Fantastic job, as usual!

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

Looks like fun!

The Beach Barn said...

Fun! Every New Year's Eve friends of ours have a theme party. This years theme was to dress as your favorite decade. The roaring 20's was my choice! I was so bummed to get an update on the Evite that said, "Just wear your normal clothes." I guess I don't blame her...being 8.5 months pregnant, I may not want to do everything either. : )

Simply Creative Insanity said...

Looks like fun! I am planning a 20's speakeasy/prohabition party for my husbands 40th in May! Any advice you can give me?

Enchanted Expectations said...

Love the decor and that everyone got so involved. Murder Mystery, what fun!