Monday, January 25, 2010

Computer crash!

That's right.
My computer crashed.
I guess a new something or other has been ordered for it so that is good.
My posting will be a bit interupted during this time.
I do have access to a computer but all my stuff is saved on MY computer so we'll see and if all that stuff is not there once it is fixed, um,
I will be very very........


Corinne @ The Splendid Stuff said...

Love love love your site... but can't find a search button. :( Browsing for inspiration for a party I am planning. Purples/greens, and hopefully some potted herbs, with poms hanging from the ceiling. A 50th birthday dinner. DO you have any inspiration to send my way? :)

Mandy said...

Love your blog - I've been reading it for some time. I must say it has inspired me for many of my events. Thank you!

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