Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ceasar's Palace

Once again the City did a "Showcase of Tables" for their community fundraiser and I was asked by the Bank that my Sister In Law works for to do the decorating of the table.

My sister in law came up with the theme.
She is no simple girl!! :)
I didn't know at first what I would do even though she gave me lots of just wasn't in my head.
She sent a few pictures too and it started to all make sense, well not really!! :)
On the way to set the table up my daughter wasn't terribly impressed by what I had brought along to decorate with.
She wasn't sure it was going to work for our theme.
But....when it was all done, she said "I will say, it looks pretty good".
Yay!! :)
I had fun with it so that was good.
There was lots of help which was totally awesome!
Thanks Billie Jo, Amy, Joel and Destiny.

The Details:
"Pillars" were just carpet rolls that we covered with marbled contact paper.
I wanted a finished look on the top of the pillar and seriously last minute was spray painting the lanterns and boxes to finish it off.
Gold tablecloth was fabric from Walmart at only $2.00 a yard . (We liked it So much we just ordered 100 yards of it for the Wedding!)
Chair covers
were quickly sewn by my sister in laws co-worker and she did a fabulous job! Chargers were bought from Walmart during the Christmas season and yes, they are for the wedding.
Napkin rings were bought on clearance at Target a long time ago. I had no ideas for their use, until now. I like when that happens. :)
Burgundy runner is the two curtains I normally have hanging in my basement windows. Signs are my daughters.
Favors are chocolate coins tucked into cream favor bags from the Party Store.
And the Lion...he was bought at Lowes.

My biggest concern was that the pillars were going to fall apart.
They were not nearly as sturdy as I would have liked them to be...but they made it so that is a relief.
We only had used stick pins and hot glue to hold them together!

I need an opinion.....What do you think of chair covers only covering the top half of the chair? We've been looking at some for the wedding, but they are so expensive and we could get the fabric for the 1/2 covers for under $200.
Just not sure if the look is ok.
Or is it unfinished?
The ones I had done for this table were what I wanted, just not sure if it is the look for the wedding.
Might be better to do none??


Maddycakes said...

Hi! Cool table! I think the 1/2 chair covers would look better for a wedding if you make the back a little longer(down to floor) and let it hang with no sashes. I have some pictures of what I'm talking about if you need a visual.


Shelley @ Divine Party Concepts said...

The table looks great!

Susan Crabtree said...

it looks great-you did an awesome job!

Michelle @ Le Poppy Design said...

I agree with Michelle from Maddycakes - all the way down to the floor! You can get away with making "plain" chairs look elegant for less $$$. When all of the chairs are pushed in, looks like full covers!

Liz (The Wedding Bistro) said...

Luv the color contrast between gold and red!