Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm hired!! :)

So I just got hired to do a rehearsal super in August and I must say I'm kinda excited!!!
One thing leads to another, you know. :)
I'm also going to be doing a surprise party soon. Fun fun!
For the rehearsal supper I am trying to come up with a theme of sorts.
This couple met from a friend and mostly got to know each other through
phone calls and the computer.
They did not "meet" till well into the friendship and once they did it was instant love.
They met in an airport.
I'd like to bring something from how they met into the decor of the tables, ect. Any ideas??


Angela said...

how fun. you could do paper planes... because you could use great paper that matches their decor/colors. Just a thought. It is a little abstract, but fun.

Not just a Mommy! said...

Congrats!!! Ditto on the paper planes...I remember seeing this awhile ago....

Kendra said...

The paper airplanes are a really fun idea, especially if you incorporated the colors of the wedding. You could also glam it up a bit with some runway lights down the center of the table. Have you looked at a runway all lit up at night. Could be pretty.

btw, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Love all your fun ideas!

Jessica said...

The invitations could look like airline tickets. And since you always think about what you can hang from the ceiling, hang up paper planes. Give everyone a set of wings to wear. You know the plastic ones the pilots give to kids.