Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pretty napkin rings.

One of the details that I love about a party is making the napkin ring.
It just adds so much and what a great way to add some personal detail to the party.
My co-worker just had a son who graduated from High School and I asked her if I could wrap the forks into napkins with a special little napkin ring for the Open House. She thought that would be just wonderful...but nothing girly! :)
So I had yellow forks and purple napkins (school colors) to work with.
I used white paper with black print and make a ring that said
"Congratulations Kordel".
I think the little touch made the plain napkins looks so much better....and Personal!! :)
Did I take a picture of them? nope, forgot!

Today I am showing some of my favorite napkin rings I have found or made myself.

from thedivineyou at Etsy
Some I made: I had taken a long string of pearls and tied it in knots till it was large enough to make a ring. Hot glued it together. Simple.
This is just piece of ribbon with a large sequin tied onto it. Very Simple :)

from Kara's Party Ideas
And this is not a good close up at all, but April my church served supper to about 275 farmers. We didn't have to do alot of table decor and nothing was expected of the napkins/silverware, but me being who I am, I HAD to do something!! I decided that we'd wrap the plain white silverware in the plain white napkins (they were provided) and THEN we'd tie just a bit of green raffia around each one....275-300 of them! How fun!! Well I was about the only one who thought it was a good idea. :) Some of the older generation helpers started helping with it and thought tying the raffia around the napkin was much too hard for their fingers to do (which I understood). Since I was the one who wanted it done, I sat there and did them with one other blessed helper!! I'm glad we did it. I think it added alittle something to the table. So don't let a big project scare you. It can be done.

I don't remember where I found this one, but what a cute idea!! Great for a Candy Party.
So next time you plan a party don't forget the napkins, they like attention too! :)

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