Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lovin Paper Lanterns

We all know how popular Paper Lanterns have become.
From the white to the bright bold colors we've been using them to add a big impact on our events with a fairly low cost. I'm noticing now that we are beginning to not only use them plain, but to add different types of materials TO them to change their look a bit. I like it!
from Fig & Rubyand Martha Stewart
and mine :)
I added diamond gems to the lantern and strung large silver sequins onto fishing line from the base of the lantern.

I do like them plain too. :)
from joyful weddings and events
SO next time you want to use paper lanterns at your party...keep in mind, they are cute plain OR decorated. :)
a couple places to buy your paper lanterns
luna bazaar
asian ideas
and Hobby Lobby has a few in their spring decor.


Mrs. Jones said...

I love those! What a fabulous idea.


kara @ kara's party ideas said...

i am so in love with lanterns right now, too! i love the streamers hanging from them in the first pic..what a great idea! i'm going to use that one for sure! thanks!

Jessica said...

Aahh! I love lanterns! Great job with this. I'm definitely going to keep these in mind. =D

bketler said...

Love the streamers...wish I had thought of that for this past weekend!

Shelly said...

We actually used football-shaped lanterns for my son's birthday party in January. They were so fun!

DeBran said...

oh my word, i love the butterfly lanterns!

jessica said...

how great!! i love paper lanterns..and am so excited to add a little twist to them! thanks for the ideas!! :)