Monday, June 1, 2009

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

I found this amazing shower at Newly Nesting and I absolutely LOVE it!
It does include candy!! :)
My daughter is a huge fan of Dr. Seuss. Someday this will be a perfect theme for her.
The bright colors are so fun and check out their
blue jello sky dessert,the brownie bites,that candy!!And the large Dr. Seuss books they made from cardboard.
How cool!
Check this party out at Newly Nesting....there are alot more pictures and details there.


jen said...

Hey, Lisa, I'm finally back on the internet. I haven't seen your newest posts for a while, but I am always so inspired.

I read my parents little home town newspaper and the Ladies' Aid there did a fundraiser dinner where different ladies decorated their specific tables with a theme of their choosing. They had the 50s, Christmas, Finland, Germany, Japan, Friendship, Creativity, and Patriotic.

They also had a speaker who talked about tables in the Bible.

It seemed like a great idea for a women's ministries thing, I think I can contact the lady who talked to them and see if she has some notes I could borrow. Always wanting to learn from others...

As always, take care and good luck with everything! - Jen

Puanani503 said...
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