Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scenes from Amy's Birthday Party

I had this fabulous birthday picnic planned for my daughter this past week.
Well fabulous turned into just a
"let's get this done"
kind of party. Let me explain.....
We went to the park because that was my plan. :)
It was so windy and a bit cold so I quickly laid out the tablecloth and anchored it
down with whatever items I could. Put the placemats down while setting the plates
and napkins on top as fast as I could so they would not blow away.
I bought a nice bouquet of flowers to put into a vase that was filled with skittles
on the outside and a mini vase inside (to hold the water and stems).
Well the beautiful bouquet didn't fit inside the mini vase so we put the vase on the table,
flowers in the storage Rubbermaid container on the other table
just so they wouldn't blow away.
The flies were literally sticking to the food and flowers!! Sticking!! We had to like flick them off, not just swish them away...nope.
I didn't get to set the table all fancy and everything but I did what I could and I think,
well I know, the attempt was appreciated. :)

I did get some random pictures of the table..........

The cupcakes
( I made these from scratch using a Martha Stewart recipe....I think I mixed them too much...they were really dense....but the frosting was good!)
I had some of the food in little jars and labeled. This was the sour patch kids jar. (Amy's favorite candy). Also had corn salsa in a cute little jar too.

The flowerless vase....

A taste of the a placesetting.... the plates were red, placemats and napkins were various colors.

The Amazing Fruit Tart that Amy made!! Very yummy. and pretty too.

And...the birthday girl.
I guess I learned that you have to go with the flow. It wasn't perfect (because of the weather), but it was special. :)


Simply Creative Insanity said...

very special...I love the napkin rings. Did you make them?

Anonymous said...

Love the colors, fabric, jars....everything! Looks like your daughter might have her mom's talent too! Very sweet.

justfineinflipflops said...

Sorry, anonymous is me. I'm new at this!

Susan Crabtree said...

I love the colors and the jars!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Where did you get the tablecloth? The colors are great. The jars and labels are adorable. Another great job!

Enchanted Expectations said...

Love this. Great details

Brenda said...

Looks perfect to me! Love the napking rings!