Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almost Wedding Day

Well it's almost Wedding day! It's been such an adventure planning a wedding.
Can't say that I am anxious to plan one anytime too soon! :)
I'm printing programs tonight.
2 1/2 days before wedding...but they are printing good so I'm happy.
We've had SO many crazy mistakes and mishaps with this wedding that I even mentioned that maybe we should call it off.
The groom said "no". ha ha

Remember the nice beverage dispenser I ordered?
Well as I was cleaning it and getting it ready I noticed that the spicket was loose, so I tried tightening it.
Not a good know where this is going, right???
Ya, it cracked the glass!!
So here I am 6 days before the wedding and I am thinking, "
how in the world am I going to get another dispenser???".
I called the company right away on Monday and I will have a new dispenser by no extra cost to me!
That's service. Now.......I just have to make sure that I DO NOT tighten the spicket!

I have more stories to keep checking back. :)
Oh, and hopeful some pictures too.

There is one thing I want to share with you tho and it's this website.
I found it while a last minute decision to make a kids table gave us the idea to make little wedding coloring books.
They turned very cute and I thought the pictures here were just adorable.
I only made 20 booklets, but they were pretty easy to do so making more would not be a problem.

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Hope said...

Good luck this weekend. I will be thinking of you. I'm sure everything will be beautiful!