Monday, July 12, 2010

Here we go!! :)

The Wedding is over! I'm happy. It all went well. :) Now I can relax....for a bit. I am SO thankful for the help of MANY people that helped me's just a few:
Mom...she sewed, shopped, cleaned, decorated and lots more.
Amy who made the signs, frosted cupcakes, decorated, cleaned and was an amazing Maid of Honor!
My sister Lynette who did everything we asked her to do and more...from shopping to running around picking up stuff and decorating.
My friend Kim who so graciously lit all the candles for us so we could all walk into a beautiful setting.
Tom, Marlin and Mike for building the perfect backdrop for us!! Bride and Groom's parents were just the best. It's was really cool to see everyone working together from mowing and planting flowers, decorating, cleaning and all the behind the scenes stuff that I don't even know about. :)
I'm just the aunt of the Bride, and it was my pleasure to be so involved with all of this. And glad it's over too. :)

Here are a few pictures to share.
These are ones my daughter in law took ~
My daughter with the two Best Men (twin brothers of the groom)

The stunning Bride and her dad.
The Brides 3 little sisters.
The Happy Couple. Tomorrow I will post more pictures. Some of the decor. :)

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jackie fo said...

Pretty!!!! Congrats :)