Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chocolate Cups!

Oh my, oh my!
CHOCOLATE cups from balloons??
I'm so making these!
I think they are going to be used at the Sweet 16 party I've started thinking about (it's not till October).
Here's where I found them ~ Maddycakes Muse...she found the idea from Bakerella and you can get all the yummy details so you can make some too! :)


Susan Crabtree said...

my kids loved making these-they thought they were cool!

Scarlett said...

So fun! I think I may even be able to handle this one!!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

I love this idea, then the lazy came out and I found molds at Jo-Ann's! :)

You should be beaten with a thousand tiny whips for missing my party. Just was exhausting and totally fun, and through some miracle, we didn't get any puffy paint on the floor!

leah said...

Cool! This is such a fun idea and there are soooo many possibilities. I am sure your brain is spinning as quickly as mine!