Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to Business.

I'm back! :)
I have alot of catching up to do as far as reading everyone's blogs.
So much to see!
I am just amazed at how much partying is going on in the crazy world.
And such talent.
I will be sharing lots in the future.
I'm also working on a few parties myself.
I made a baby shower banner yesterday and I just do not like it SO...we'll see what I can do today to revamp it. Have to figure something out. It's just not right. :(
Here's a picture of it now.
The theme for the party is based around the farm and specifically cows, but
I think I don't like those big cow heads! It also looks to "quilt-y" for me.
I don't have very much of the bandanna paper left so I either reuse that or come up with something totally different.

Well instead of revamping the banner I redid it.
Here's what it looks like now.

Although it doesn't show up as much on the wall, I like it much better. It's softer. It doesn't have "cowboy" written all over it, which is good. You might notice that I also left the "welcome" off of it. I thought is was better without it.

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michelle said...

I vote for the second banner. The letters stand out more. Great job! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the party turns out.