Monday, July 27, 2009

Sip & See???

I have been seeing baby showers with the theme of "Sip & See" and at first it was kind of weird to me, but that didn't last long once I figured it all out. :)
"The “Sip & See” trend is gaining some serious momentum. Typically held 2-6 weeks after the baby arrives (open-house style with a time frame of 3-4 hours for guests to drop by as they please), the mid-afternoon shindigs are often held in lieu of a baby shower. We love them for their efficiency: invite everyone over all at once to see the baby, so your home doesn’t feel like a revolving door of visitors during those already stressful just-home-from-the-hospital weeks." taken from stroller traffic.
Great idea!
Hostess with the Mostess did a feature on this very thing adding a bit of sparkly to it. :)
Stroller traffic has a great article on this topic...check it out, if you are interested.

Chris from Celebrations at Home just did a fantastic Sip & See shower and she has a post on it today. It's a sailor/nautical theme and it's worth a trip to her blog to see. :)


colleen banman said...

My sisters just threw a sip and see for me to celebrate the birth of my newest baby. (in canada, showers are typically thrown after baby is born which is different than a typical baby shower in the states) it was fabulous! my friends were able to come and go as they pleased...I got to talk with everybody one on one and they all got to hold the baby! No game planning or "running the party" for the hostesses, all they had to do was keep the drinks coming.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Of course I don't mind milady!: )

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Sip n' Sees are great! They are popular here in Texas and the South. My friends hosted one for me a few months ago for my second baby. They are a great alternative for second and third babies when you do not feel a shower beforehand is appropriate.
This type of party is also done a lot before weddings. I had a wedding Sip n' See as well. It is usually put on the week of the wedding at the bride's home or family home. All of her gifts are displayed in pretty ways throughout the house for all of the guests to see...china in the dining room, everyday plates in the kitchen, and so on. It is a nice way to say thank you to all of the people who so generously gave the bride a gift...and it's fun to see all of the fun goodies she has registered for.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, it seems much simpler for the hostess and for the guest of honor. I like the idea of being able to showcase the gifts already received, too. Besides, it gets you out of having to play all those games!

I also like the sparkle idea because I have some of those white hydrangea blooming in front of my house - great idea on how to use them!