Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Wedding {Countdown Paper Chains}

Yep, Sunday's will be my posts always about Weddings. :)

You've probably made something like this in grade school.
My son used to have one at his school that was a prayer chain and went around the room several times.
This one called Big Day Chain is used as a countdown for your Wedding Day.
The papers are designed by Kristin Adams. If you visit Junebug there is a special offer on these papers through the month of September.

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Morgan said...

So cute! I actually thought I had come up with this preschool resurrected concept -- darn! Someone beat me to the publishing of it! ;) For all my bridal showers I've cut strips of floral or patterned paper and have asked guests to write special messages for brides to read each day before the BIG day! Like a little fortune cookie to open every morning :). Thanks for posting!!

kawaii crafter said...

What a fun twist on an old craft. love this!