Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fire & Ice

A few days ago I asked for suggestions for a tablescape that I would be doing for an event related to my job. Well I came up with what I think was a pretty unique/unexpected idea. I have the entire picture in my head...all worked out. Perfect!! However, it is not going to work out for us to do a tablescape this year....so....here I am with this idea that I don't know what to do with, So I'll just share it on my blog and save it for a rainy day. :)

The theme was to be Fire & Ice.
I wanted to start with a red....possibly printed with flames for the tablecloth,
a iridescent cool bluish table runner.
Three large glass cylinders each on a round mirror for the centerpieces.
Inside the center cylinder would be red water with dry ice in it to make it smoky.
On the 2 outside cylinders I wanted to put real ice with some blue gems.
Sitting around the cylinders were to be clear votive cups with red candles...the fire.
Napkins would be made of one side red other side blue fabric.
On each place setting would be a box of Hot tamales and Ice gum tied together to represent
Fire & Ice.
I wish I could just put this together so I could see it for real and not just in my head. Hopefully something will come up so I can actually do it. :)
I am going to help my sister-in-law do a table for this same event and we are narrowing our options down to two different themes. I'll share once I know what our plan is.

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I almost picked the Fire and Ice theme for you. It's funny to read what you had pictured in your mind for that. I had something completely different.

I was picturing the table done in whites with lots of clear crystals and then big blocks of ice with a hollowed out area for a candle and then you would have the fire and ice theme going. Maybe having fondue pots with the fire under them and then cold fruit to dip in the hot chocolate.

I'm looking foward to seeing your vision come to life.