Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great find!

I'm searching the Internet for some iridescent fabrics for an Under The Sea theme and I don't particularly want to use plain gossamer although it's looking as if I will be. Mostly because the metallic or iridescent fabrics do not come in both greens and blues. Usually only blues. Anybody have any sources? I've checked Stumps, Shindigs and Andersons. I could possibly just add some glitter to the gossamer to get the effect I need. I was searching around I found the fabulous store!! It's call Wild Things and wow do they have stuff. Their home page says "You can now relax. No more hunting all over the Internet. You've found us."
It's fun stuff like beaded and mirrored curtains and cool tablecoverings. Amazing stuff that is used by the Big...Important people. :) I didn't think SOME of their stuff wasn't too expensive...however, some is VERY expensive! Here's a few of my favorites.
The tablecoverings in this picture are very unique.
And a question....for an Under the Sea theme, would you go with Olive and Turquoise or Lime Green and Aqua??? :)
This is my Inspiration Picture:

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Joanna said...

hmmm both color combos would be pretty...I'm partial to aqua and lime green. If you could only find metallic blue gossamer, could you incorporate the green somewhere else?
Thanks so much for your ideas on my blog! I totally agree with you!