Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You are my Sunshine

This party was posted by the fabulous people at No Fuss Fabulous and I HAD to share it and here's the reason why: This makes me think of my Grandma. The song "You are my sunshine" is one of her favorites and she loves to hear her grandkids and greatgrandkids sing this to her. I would love to do a "Sunshine" party for her.
Sunshine Party
Sunshine Party - by Lisalyn on

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Loralee - No Fuss Fabulous said...

First, let's talk about Maci's party!!!! I am loving the pixie stick flowers. They are so cute! She is going to have the time of her life. I wish I was Maci.

Secondly, thanks for loving Annie's You are My Sunshine party as much as we did! If your grandma is anything like you, she definitely deserves a sunshine party.

Keep inspiring us with your awesome ideas! You are fabulous.